Shift Your Money Mindset

Uncover the hidden blocks, beliefs, and behaviors sabotaging financial results. This FREE course helps you discover the surprising ways you block success from our lives.

Hypnosis tools to help you discover some of your subconscious blocks

* Ease financial tension + stress

* Release mental obstacles to receiving

* Overcome fear of not having enough

* Reduce overwhelm

* Increase positive prosperity mindset

* Promote an abundance frame of mind


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Materials are sent in a simple and easy to follow emails

This course is delivered to you via email and is in an easy to follow format. All you need is a notebook, device to listen to your MP3 tracks, and the desire to learn!


Working with the subconscious mind

In this FREE course, you'll learn what self hypnosis is, how it works, and facts about hypnosis and discover money and prosperity blocks.


Ease financial discomfort + stress

You will discover the limitless potential of using self hypnosis as a tool for stress relief and creating a new mindset about money.


Discover your power to create a new mindset

This easy to follow course provides clear steps from a certified hypnotherapist for you to learn and practice.

Money is all about energy and how we flow with it 

Most of us have been taught money is bad, evil, and wrong to want. Yet in our society, it is a means of exchange, a form of currency. We each have an inner connection that represents this outer currency and what we allow to flow to us. Learning how to work with this inner current improves our quality of life beyond our bank accounts. This natural rhythm and flow of energy is reflected back to us through people, situations, and experiences all around us. Self hypnosis can help you discover your inner flow and expand it to allow more money, time, resources, ideas, and inspirations into your life.

Discover your deepest beliefs about prosperity

We can meditate, burn sage, pray, clear our auras, use our crystals, and still not access the deeply held beliefs we hold towards money. We can be good people, have a kind and generous heart, and still live paycheck to paycheck. This is why "do what you love and the money will follow" must include understanding the subconscious mind and the potential limitations operating within us. The success and outcome of our thoughts, beliefs, actions are directly related to the unconscious programming we have within our subconscious minds. Learn how to open the trapdoor of your mind to plant new seeds, intentions, and update you inner programs.

Shift Your Money Mindset FREE Course!

You have the power within you to move obstacles, create new experiences, and heal limitations. Access this part of yourself in the comfort of your own home.

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